Osgood, executive director

Osgood is a white, working-class, queer and trans organizer who has called Portland, Maine home for the better part of the last ten years. Their introduction to youth organizing was through the New Hampshire Teen Institute Summer Leadership Program, first as a participant then as a volunteer from 2006-2014. There, Osgood developed skills and organized alongside other young people in NH at the intersections of poverty, criminalization, and health disparities.

Osgood was hired as the director of Outright in 2013, as part of transition in the organization to mobilize LGBTQ+ youth in Maine for gender, racial, and economic justice. They do this work because of a political commitment that starts with choosing to love and take care of one another and the knowledge that the worlds within the world queer and trans young people build for each other will ripple out and change everything.