A queer & trans youth movement fighting
oppression with tenderness

Portland Outright supports underserved members of the LGBTQ+ youth community through weekly member meetings, ongoing mentorship, social events, and trainings, as well as intentional support to youth navigating systems -- such as the juvenile justice system, foster care, homelessness and mental health services. We are a community of people who are invested in each other, building deep connections, sharing both our struggle and joy, while fighting for each other's dignity and survival.

We have moved beyond the traditional LGBTQ+ youth support group model by carving out space for young people in leadership and lifting up the experiences of those most deeply experiencing the effects of marginalization. We help our members harness and reclaim their inherent power, becoming active participants in not only our own liberation, but the collective liberation of our friends, neighbors, and allies.


(207) 558-2429

56 North Street, Suite 100
Portland, Maine 04101